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Central Lock Key Store Indianapolis, IN 317-456-5509No one wants to end up in a situation where they have to replace or repair their home or office locks, especially during an ungodly hour. However, problems with locks and keys can come at any random time. This is why professional locks locksmith is important for emergencies. For instance, if you find out that the security of business space you own has been breached one night, can you wait till morning to get the locks repaired, or upgraded? Of course not! You have to call a skilled locksmith who can do the necessary job during the night itself. Central Lock Key Store can be that provider for you. We offer top quality services at competitive prices. We are also available 24-7, no matter where you are located in the Indianapolis, IN area.

Here are some of the emergency locks services we offer:

  • Re-securing of your business or home space after a break-in has taken place
  • Opening of safe-locks for retrieval of valuable assets
  • Reprogramming of digital locks that are malfunctioning
  • Lock picking service
  • Locks upgrading, and related consultancy
  • Faulty locks replacement
  • Locks repairs of all kinds of locks on an urgent basis
  • Lockouts assistance due to broken or damaged locks
  • Key extraction
  • Locks rekeying for prevention of entry to former tenants or employees
  • Duplicate keys generation
  • Master key development
  • Non destructive entry service help for avoiding damage to existing locks

Prompt Quality Service Whenever You Need it

We understand how frustrating it could be waiting for a locksmith when you need help. Many people have to wait as long as 60 minutes sometimes for a locksmith to arrive, but if you have chosen Central Lock Key Store for help then you won't have to suffer like that ever. We value your time, and always try our best to reach our customer within 10-15 minutes. Once we have reached the site we also use high grade tools and equipment to get the job done as soon as possible, so as to minimize your suffering.

Best Emergency Locksmith Services in Indianapolis, IN

We have been serving the people of Indianapolis, IN for about 10 years now, and due to our commitment towards customer satisfaction we have established trust among our customers. Many have made us their go-to service provider every all things locks and keys. You too can join them and enjoy best service at best prices, whenever you need!