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Central Lock Key Store Indianapolis, IN 317-456-5509A master key can come really handy in several situations. In fact, in some cases it is essential to have one. For instance, if you are an apartment supervisor, then maintaining the selection of keys to all the apartments can easily become a nightmare for you. A master key is the perfect solution for you. With just one master key you can have the access to all the apartments easily. So, if a person comes looking for an apartment then you can show them around quite easily.

How Does a Master Key Work?

A master key is special because it is used with multiple locks that are configured in such a way that they can be used with just the one key. Master-keyed locks can be operated in two ways- either with a master key, or with a key that works only with that particular lock. Thus, you can have your own master key and provide separate keys for different apartments to their owners/tenants.

While the master-keyed locks have a unique mechanism of their own that allows them to work with a key that is particular to them, there is an independent second mechanism that is common to all. With a master key you can operate the locks using the second mechanism. If there are a lot of locks involved in a building then a certain number of sub-master keys can also be created for a hierarchical approach. This kind of structure is generally followed by large businesses or governmental departments.

Do I Need a Master Key?

  • You may need a master key if you want to enjoy these benefits:
  • Elimination of the need for multiple keys
  • Simplicity of using just one key for many locks
  • If a change key is displaced then a master key can be used to operate the lock
  • Complete control of access to your office or home
  • Access allocation becomes easier and simple

Master key indeed has a number of benefits. However, it takes the mastery of a skilled locksmith to develop quality master keys. If you want a master key at minimum prices, Central Lock Key Store should be your first choice in the Indianapolis, IN area. We offer prompt and professional service, let it be night or day. Our services are available 24/7, and you can all us anytime to learn more.